What Are The Best Firewall Settings, Laptop Seems Pretty Slow.


Hi i am using BD total security 2016, my laptops can be fairly slow sometimes, especially on websites, sometimes my firefox will hang for ages switching between pages.

My current firewall settings are:


Module: On

Block port scans in the network: On



Network type: Home/Office

Stealth Mode: Off

Generic: On

Teredo Tunneling pseudo-Interface:

Network type: Trusted

Stealth Mode: Off

Generic: On

Should any of them be set differently?

Are there any other settings i should look for?




  • Hi James_uk,

    The Firewall settings you have are correct. Please check if this slowdown is caused by any add-on or extension in the browser. Disable all of them and if the issue does not persist, enable one by one until you find the cause.

    If you are encountering a general slowdown in the internet connection, please try checking in the Device Manager if there is any update for the Network Drivers.  If there is, install the update and reboot the computer. Then uninstall and reinstall Bitdefender.

    To uninstall, if necessary, you can use the uninstall tool:


    Don't forget to check the Firewall settings once reinstalled.

    Let me know how it went.





  • Hello,

    I agree with Danielst, your firewall settings are just like they supposed to be.

    You should clear web browsing history, cookies etc.

    Follow this walkthrough to optimize your firefox. https://www.howtogeek.com/119550/browser-slow-how-to-make-mozilla-firefox-fast-again/

    Also, can you share system specs of your laptop?

    Cheers! :)