Can't Protect Required folders with Ransomware Protection


Just bought and installed BD Internet Security 2016, primarily because it included Ransomware Protection. It won't allow me to protect any of the folders within my user ID

 (I see that /documents and /pictures are pre-set), such as:


     C:\Users\CTSStdUsr\My Music

All I get is a Bitdefender pop-up stating "You can't add system folders. Please protect folders that contain your important person documents".  That is what this customer is TRYING to do!


BitDefender 2016 - You can't add system folders.png


  • Hi,

    Each user account folder also contains an "AppData" folder, which is considered a "system" folder.

    You should try to add the top level data folders for each user to the ransomware protection module.

    Then just make sure that user's personal files are all in subfolders of the those primary user account data folders.