Maximum number of devices reached bug!


I have a 3 PC license for Bitdefender Total Security. I've reinstalled windows and tried installing bitdefender after removing the old device from the Bitdefender Central's device listing, but the thing shows that 'Maximum number of devices reached'. Is this thing drunk or what. I've contacted support and there isn't any kind of response from them. Epic team and developers!

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Bitdefender Central.png

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  • Hello,


    Your subscription has been refreshed, you should no longer encounter this situation.


  • I've encountered the same problem again and I've contacted the support team yesterday and they told me that the issue has been escalated to sales team and they will contact me. Till now I've not received any kind of response from any of your teams. As a customer it is so pathetic to contact the support to reset the device each and every time. If a bug has been reported it should be fixed and this kind of negligence is not expected from Bitdefender security solutions. <img class=" data-emoticon="" src="" title=":angry:" />