.sdb why does Bitdefender need this


Each of my volumes on my Windows 7 computer has a smartdb_xxxx.sdb file inside of System Volume information.  Why does Bitdefender have this file there and what is it's purpose. I need to refresh my SVI folders and cannot without terminating Bitdefender 2016 AV plus vsserve.exe process.

Why does an Antivirus product use a form of SQL and embed a file in the SVI folder ? 


  • These files are only generated on Internal volumes. Any kind of external device volumes do not get a .SDB file created in their SVI folder. This behavior happens on both 2016 and 2017 Bitdefender AV Plus products. I installed the latest 2017 version to verify earlier today. 

  • Hello McCartyRL, here is a little explanation of .sdb files:

    SDB is an acronym for Support DataBase. SDB is associated with a variety of applications as this format is used as a generic database file. The .sdb file extension format has different functionalities in different applications.

    Files are generated on Internal volumes because it is a vital part of BD that keeps you system secure.