Full system scan takes several hours


I am new to Bitdefender Total Security 2016. I am using Windows 10 Home edition, version 10.0.14393 build 14393. I have an HP Envy Notebook. Everytime i try to run a full system scan, it seems to take hours. By 3hrs. it is only 45% finished. I end up cancelling it due to the time factor. Is this normal to take so long? (At 45% it has checked about 200,000 files)


  • Sorin G.



    Yes, as laptops have slower hard-drives and also it depends on what other applications are running on the background.

    You also need to ensure that there are no other security solutions on that device.

    Upon completion of the full scan the product will sign files, so that future scans skip files that have not been changed or accessed since the last scan.

  • On my wifes Toshiba laptop, it doesn't get shorter. The first time she ran a scan , it was 4 hrs. Last night it lasted 7 hrs. On my desktop, I have much more storage and it will complete in 45 min. My initial scan was about 2 hrs.

  • Hi VikingJ, as Sorin said laptops generally have slower hard-drives (usually lower cache, and rpm), besides that it depends on what other applications run in background, and probably type of file system on your volumes, OS type, state of files on volume(when was it defragmented last time) etc.

    I recommend you run a full scan in the evening, before you go to bed, and it should be done by the morning...next time you wish to run a full scan it will require less time to finish.