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Whitelist universal apps or got a popup for whitelist a web resource


I upgraded my bitdefender internet security 2016 to 2017 and got a nasty message when using my Sky Go app (windows universal app) and try to download something. On my laptop still with 2016 I got no issue.

I got a Critical notification in the antivirus module saying the application accesses a web resource (see attached screenshot) when I try to start a download from the app.

I can't find a way to whitelist the program because it's windows universal app (I suppose). In alternative I'd like to get a popup or something for whitelist the app or the web resource at least. I can't get a way to copy paste nothing from bitdefender 2017 interface and this is quite awful.

What can I do?




  • Sorin G.



    Best course of action is to submit that URL to be investigated as a possible FP.

  • GDT

    Ok, I'm submitting the URL but that's not the point.

    My questions are:

    How can I put in whitelist a windows universal app?

    How can I put in whitelist a web reource in antivirus module?

    Why can't I copy text from your interface in any way?

    Why can't I get a popup for choosing what to do when a web resource is blocked?