Improving an outstanding product

edited November 2016 in Feature request

As per /index.php?/topic/73953-please-refer-me-to-someone-who-can-remove-this-unwanted-subscription-as-it-is-locking-me-out-of-using-my-own-account-and-we-are-11-phone-calls-in/" rel="">this ongoing issue , I would like to give you a few suggestions on how my issue can be best addressed (or outright avoided) in the future.


1 - Provide phone support that is capable of resolving the issues on-demand

My case has been referred to several different departments, none of which are available by phone. Can you consider giving your phone support staff the authority to address this type of issue, or offer some sort of phone support with a department that can?


2 - Fix this issue with Central in its entirety

With the way Central is designed, I am being locked out of using products I paid for. Your system makes subscriptions exclusionary, and I think it should be complimentary, because if you buy two separate services in two separate transactions, they aren't supposed to subtract from each other. If I have a 3-device Mac subscription, and a 10-device Multi-Device subscription, I should be able to use up to 13 Macs. With the way Central is working, I can only use 3.


3 - Consider a better system for opting out of automatic renewals

Had the automatic renewal not have gone through (as per my request) this issue would not have happened


4 - Merging subscription offers would be much more appealing if they took promotional pricing into account

Instead of immediately cancelling the unwanted subscription, you offered to "merge" my Multi-Device subscription with the auto-renewed Mac subscription, and provide me an extra six months. The problem is that the full retail prices you use with your automatic renewals are higher than promotional pricing, and six extra months didn't even come close to offsetting the difference given the overall cost-per-month was much higher than what yearly promotional pricing equates to.