Port scan blocked


So I'm a little freaked out, my computer over the course of the day 14 port scan blocked notifications came up with 2 infected website notifications.

All of them happened while I was playing 3 different games, 2 on steam and one without.  The 14 notifications said it came from 3 different IPs, I'm not very tech savvy and it's kind of scary right now. I'm scanning my computer, I haven't gotten any viruses lately, and I try not to download from sketchy places. If I do download I always scan it with bit defender. My computer also says there have been no vulnerabilities detected.

This is a very crude post, I apologize but I'm a little on edge and very worried about these things. Sorry sorry



  • Hello ARivera, welcome to Bitdefender forum.

    I think that as long as the bitdefender blocks the scans they cant get the list of opened ports, so there is nothing to worry about.

    You are safe my friend, keep gaming carefree.