Bitdefender upgrade

I have a current license for Total Bitdefender 2016 (still more than 200 days to go). If I agree with an offer for Total Bitdefender 2017 from SharewareOnSale will that be added to my current license or is it instead ?


  • Hello,


    If its the same product as the one you have attached to your Central account the time will be added.

    Should you encounter difficulties with merging the subscriptions please contact our commercial team using [email protected]


  • Hi and thank you for answering. It is the same product but the version I have now is Total Bitdefender 2016 and I am talking about buying Total Bitdefender 2017




    I realise I was not clear enough. What I meant to ask: is it still the same product because the description is the same except for the Year addition?..


  • Hello,


    The year doesn't matter, only the product type (Total Security/Internet Security/Anti-virus Plus).

    You will be able to use the latest version of the product. (2017)

  • Perfect. Thanks a lot for your clear answers! Last question to this subject. Can I install it right now or do I have to wait until my 2016 version has expired  . 


  • Hello,


    You can install right now, there is no need to wait for the old 2016 subscription to expire.