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How do we backup all these Bitdefender Settings ?


In cases where we do a Bitdefender Version Upgrade or Reinstall, how do we backup ...

  1. AntiVirus Settings

  2. AntiVirus Exclusions

  3. Web Protection Whitelist

  4. Ransomware Trusted Applications

  5. Ransomware Blocked Applications

So that we do not have to go through the laborious process of manually entering all that stuff again ?


  • CouchPotato

    Ghost town ?

  • [Deleted User]
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    No, this is not a ghost town.  To my knowledge, it is not possible to back up those settings, currently, within the application.  I think that Feature Requests have been made in the past, but they are not yet implemented, if it is even possible for Bitdefender to do so in a way that malware could not exploit.

    Of course, if you are doing full system backups, then in the event you had to restore your backup to an old, or new, hard drive, your BD settings would be restored, as they were, on the date of the system image.

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    Hii couchpotato. default_happy.png

    As far as I know there is no way to do such backups.

    Someone correct me if I`m wrong.

    As garioch7 said it is very risky business, because of malware epxloits possibility in that scenario.

    Only way you could backup those settings if you do a full system backup, and than you can restore it with all the same values.

    Suggestion for Bitdefender team:

    Maybe BD team could save users preferences on their servers, so when you download new software and log into your account it loads all saved settings as default.

    But on the other hand there are probably some security flaws in this type of scenario..what do you think?