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Bitdefender Has Major Impact On Performance

edited December 2016 in Protection

So, I bought Bitdefender Total Security 2016 and upgraded to 2017.

I'm not gonna lie, my PC is not a beast but it gets the job done by scraping; I use my PC to play games. 

After installing BD Total Security it has become IMPOSSIBLE to play games as vssserv.exe uses up all my CPU memory. I know it is the main process of BD but I couldn't care less. I usually clock in about 30fps but this....THIS..... ANIT-VIRUS.... has reduced me to about 15fps.

Please, just show me a way to turn off/ end process vsserv.exe. Please don't be vague and link me to other topics with no solution. 

All I'm asking is that you guys show me a way....any way..... to free up the memory BD seems to intent on taking up.

(The whole point of buying BD was that it SUPPOSEDLY didn't take up too much memory.)