BitDefender Free blocked internet for everything but Google Chrome, Windows Mail, Windows Store


Recently, I installed BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition to give it a try; and unfortunately it immediately blocked all my softwares and apps from accessing the internet excluding Google Chrome, Windows Mail and Windows Store after a system restart. I tried uninstalling BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition but it didn't resolve the issue. I tried installing the trial version of BitDefender Total Security which had firewall options that might help fix the problem, but the installation was also blocked from downloading the necessary components for BitDefender Total Security. I don't have the option to do a system restore as the recent restore points have gotten deleted. According to some suggestions, BitDefender Antivirus Free seems to be blocking TCP requests from all but 3 softwares. I have included a few screenshots for further information.


Operating System: Windows 10 Home version 1608 (Build 14393.1066)





bitdef free.jpg




  • Hello,


    Well since the Bitdefender Free doesn't have a firewall and the issue persists even after removing it from the device, I'm inclined to believe there is something else causing this issue.

    Please try adding the Google DNS as I noticed your machine was unable to resolve the hostname in a screenshot above.

    Alternatively please update your network card's driver.

  • JacobSL
    edited April 2017

    Hi Sorin,

    I did try using google's public DNS but the problem persists. Also, I've checked for Realtek's network card drivers and I am using the latest available version. This problem started after Bitdefender Free requested a restart to clean some files during boot; and upon restarting the system, it read as Bitdefender Free was removing some files just before Windows was loaded. From that moment on, after I logged into my user account, I was having this issue. Prior to restarting, I was normally browsing the web on Mozilla Firefox and all other softwares were working normally. I did not make any changes to the system or install anything else after installing Bitdefender Free and restarting my laptop. I just want to know why this doesn't affect Google Chrome, Windows Mail and Windows Store? If that can be figured out, then the problem could be solved easily I believe.