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Installer does not work with proxy

edited April 2017 in Install activation

Hi, just bought a few licences of bitdefender 2017 total security

The installer does not work with the network proxy ... witch is very annoying since all other av online installers worked ok.

Had to disable the proxy and free the ip in the firewall to install. (after installing it updates normally through the proxy)

Any fix to this ?





  • Hello SHeal.  default_happy.png

    Since you said that you just bought BD, I presume that you used windows firewall in the moment of installation?

  • Sorin G.



    Please ensure that the Proxy itself has no limitations. Most proxy providers have restrictions.

  • SHeal
    edited May 2017


    No the problem is on the installer ... no log appears on the proxy during the installation. The installer just ignores the system proxy and tries to connect directly .

    After it's installed it uses the system proxy, showing on the proxy server logs,  updating and activating normally .

  • Andimewi
    edited May 2017


    That is fact! Installer ignores the system-proxy-settings. Procmon shows no try to connect the proxy.

    Is it possible to set some parameters at the bd-agent call ?

    Is a secure offline-installer available ?