Ransomware Protection Keeps Blocking Trusted Applications

This is becoming really annoying.

I have whitelisted a number of applications on my computer as trusted applications under Ransomware Protection, but every once in a while RP blocks them anyway.

It happens most often (but not all the time) with my Quickbooks program. Sometimes, I have to reboot my system in order to get it to stop.

However, it's not just Quickbooks. It's happened with other whitelisted applications as well.

Why does BitDefender Ransomware Protection insist on continuing to block applications I've already marked repeatedly as trusted?

And why is it intermittent?

Very frustrating. I wish there was as fix.


  • Hello,


    Please contact our support team via bitsy@bitdefender.com with the logs from the Bitdefender Support Tool.


  • I am having exactly the same problem, also with Quickbooks.  It starting blocking the main QB32.exe file a couple of days ago, and every time I tell it to add trusted application (even though that file is in the trusted list already), it says it has, but goes right back to blocking the application.  In order to open Quickbooks, I have to turn the Ransomware module off, boot up Quickbooks, then turn the module back on.

    The only other time something like this happened was about six months ago, on my other computer, when the Ransomware Protection decided to block my access to my DropBox files.  I could see them and edit them, but I could not save the edited file ANYWHERE on my system, or online, and I could not create a new file, because it would not allow me to save it.

    I understand it's not wise to turn off the Ransomware module permanently, or I would, because this is annoying.

  • Hello,


    Firstly we advise upgrading from 2016 to the latest version of Bitdefender(2018).

    Should the issue persist then as well, you can add the application to the trusted list.

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