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Activation code doesn't work...


So I paid for Bitdefender Total Security 2017 a few hours ago... You guys took the money out of my account and I received an email with an activation code. Lo and behold, the code doesn't work. I try to open a ticket, that page doesn't work. I try to live chat, that page also doesn't work. I don't understand why I'm having all these issues your pages. I also really don't understand why the generated code that you provided me isn't even functional.


  • VyperX

    Wow. I guess complaining about something is the best way to get it fixed. Literally as soon as I made that post, I tried again, and it worked. I guess the Bitdefender servers were having problems.

  • Sorin G.



    Glad to hear that the situation has been resolved.

    In the future should you encounter issues with your payments or activation codes please contact us via as commercial issues have no place on a public forum, due to their privacy requirements.

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