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License extension for multiple devices


Hi guys, 

Once I bought an Android 1 yr mobile security license, then after couple months I bought Total Security license for my two PCs, so in Central now I have 2 different active subscriptions. 

Android Mobile is active for 150 days and Total Security license (3 dev) is active for 49 days. 

I want to buy this 1yr Family Pack for unlimited devices you offer and extend all my current licenses (and also add another new mobile device). 

How it will work? Will my current licenses extend for 365 days (49+365 and 150+365) or the licenses will be merged somehow to 365 days and I will loose these remaining days? 

I would really appreciate if you could clarify. Thank you. 

Best regards! 


  • Sorin G.



    I would strongly advise contacting our support team via

    The forum is no place for commercial requests/issues.

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