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Chrome, Skype, Firerox all broken after BD install


Just purchased and installed BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2017 on Win7 Pro 64 SP1 - all Windows updates and device drivers are current. Windows Firewall is (still) active; no changes were made to its configuration, which was working fine before the BD install. Windows Defender is disabled. No other antivirus or firewall products are active. Connection to the Router/Internet is direct/wired, not wi-fi. The following problems occur whether I have Autopilot ON or OFF.

After installing, and mutliple reboots:

  • Chrome can no longer access the internet. All URLs (http and https) result in an erroneous "There is no Internet connection" message. This happens even if I turn all Web Protection settings OFF. When I click on "Running Windows Network Diagnostics", I get the following: "The device or resource (web proxy) is not set up to accept connections on port "21320"."  Chrome is NOT set up for use with a proxy, i.e., it us using Windows' system proxy settings - the "Connections" tab on the Internet Properties applet is EMPTY.

  • Skype will no longer connect, despite multiple restarts of the application. It says "Please check your internet connection and try again."

  • Firefox will not connect to SSL sites unless I turn off Web Protection -> Scan SSL. When that setting is on, all HTTPS URLs cause Firefox to return an erroneous "Your connection is not secure" message. Connection is perfectly secure if I turn OFF BitDefender's Scan SSL function.

  • The only thing still working reliably is Thunderbird. However, I allowed the BitDefender extension to be added, and it appears under the menu bar, but all of its buttons are disabled. Nothing does anything when clicked.

I've researched a bit, and all related solutions include changing the BD Firewall module. This version of the product does not HAVE a Firewall module. The selector for that reads "Upgrade your subscription to get this feature". Clearly, however, there is some firewall function operating here that was not active before the install.

What should I check first?




  • Sorin G.



    Please ensure that you do not have any leftover files from previous security solutions.

    If you used Lavasoft's http/s filters, please use Autoruns to look for them and remove them as they sometimes fail to be removed from the machine and can cause this type of behavior.

    Should the above yield no results please contact our support team via with the logs from the Bitdefender Support Tool to further investigate.