Facing Antimalware Service Executable error on microsoft surface pro !!!!



Windows Defender is really nobody's favorite, especially since it looks like a gray box of oddities and uses a huge amount of CPU capacity. If you get an "antimalware service executable" prompt and don't really care for it like me, you can merely reschedule windows defender to a more suitable time from Task Scheduler in Administrative tools. Or, you can simply turn it off. there are other methods too, and I'm going to leave a link here to a site that lists them instead of typing them all out again.

this what i found when i was searching for the solution for the high disk usage problem...the other thread in this same forum which i found didn't solved my problem. I did find other solution ; http://errorcodespro.com/fix-msmpeng-exe-antimalware-service-executable/ but that too didn' t worked for me....i am in deep !!! this problem is really annoying and sometimes i feell like my lappy's battery gonna explode. 

Please do tell your solutions if you have one!!!