Same Device ID on different PCs


I´m updating my Windows 10 computers to Windows 10 Creators Update. I´m doing the update by a clean installation, but when I install Bitdefender, I´m facing a strange problem. When I finish the installation in one of the PCs, in my Bitdefender Central I see the PC correctly listed. When I install Bitdefender on another device, in Bitdefender Central, I don´t see the new installed PC. If I check the account information on the Bitdefender of the second installed PC, I see that the device ID is the same as the first installed PC.

So, in resume, I have Bitdefender installed on both devices, but both are reconigzed as the same computer, so I can manage them from Bitdefender Central as I was doing after the clean installation

I have a Total Security 2017 Family Pack license. Bitdefender was correctly working before the update (I got installed on 5 PCs and the 5 PCs were correctly listed on Bitdefender Central)

What can I do to have different device ID in each computer?

Thanks in advances and sorry about my English


  • Hello,


    Are you using a Virtual Machine ?

    Did you clone your mac address?

  • Hello,

    No, both are physical PCs (a laptop and a desktop PC). I used the same pendrive for installing Windows.

    Thank you for your response

  • Hello,


    Can you please check the MAC address of each of the devices and let me know if they differ or are they the same.

  • I checked and both devices have differnet MAC address


    Thanks for your help

  • Hello,


    Let me know if the issue still persists.

    We had some changes done to the Central platform.

  • Hello,

    I reinstalled BitDefender on both computers and I still have the same problem


  • Hi nespe,

    You can use the Bitdefender uninstall tool to the updated PC to get rid to some unwanted leftover on the machine.

    Reinstall this (go to Central) to refresh everything.

    After this, you can check if your PC's still have the same device ID. Cheers! default_happy.png

  • Hello Firdovsi,

    I ttried with the clean tool, but when I reinstall I got the same problem

    I´m going to reinstall Windows with a new ISO and see if that solves the problem