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Setup downloaded path


Hi support,

I have downloaded full 369 mb Total security 2017 for installation. After download, when the installation process starts, unexpectedly i pressed close button and the installation process closed. When i tried the installer file to resume my installation, it start downloading from beginning. Also i unable to locate the downloaded file.So please help to find my downloaded setup to start installation. Please advise the path where i can find my downloaded file.





  • Hi! When you are downloading the total security 2017 may I ask for the browser that you are using? Did you also check the downloaded path of those browsers? , If this would not work. try to check the c:/temp but base from my understanding the path is dynamic so it is kinda hard to check the path itself. default_happy.png

  • Hi Firdovsi, actually I downloaded by using Bitdefender download launcher so that I am unable to find the path. Also what if I want to install on another device/computer, do I need to download again 370 MB file? 

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    Hi there,


    I would also like to know the answer to this for a different reason.  I was recently re-installing Bitdefender through Bitdefender central.  It was unable to complete installation as the installer was unable to uninstall the old installation.  It told me to manually uninstall and attempt the re-install.

    I was able to uninstall the old installation... I re-entered Bitdefender Central and selected install and it downloaded the whole 370mb file again.  This is fine.


    What i want to check is this.... because the first installation was interrupted, if there is a 370mb installation file (from the first failed install) sitting some where on my computer that has not been deleted?


    Can someone from Bitdefender please point me to the folder where the install file is saved to so I can check there isn't an orphaned file sitting there.  I realise the location might be dynamic... but there must be a parent folder that it installs into every time (eg. appdata > local > temp) so I can go in and check.


    Kind regards.