Hello i have question , 

i recently purchuase Bitdefender INTERNET Security 2017 and i wanna try out TOTAL Security but i cant download trial , and if i purchuase TOTAL Security did i get some discount or i just get more days to my license ? It is really confusing.


Thank you for answers.


  • When you are downloading the total security do you get any error messages or the download button is disabled? Let me know if there is any.

    You can also check the comparison between the two

    But for other information you must contact them at, they are very helpful by the way. default_happy.png

  • when i try download total security it just send me to bitdefender central webpage where i can only download internet security installer i thin because when i launch it nothing happen , but thank you for email i will write them

  • Hello,


    If you are downloading from the same account you house your Internet Security subscription it is normal to have the Internet Security product deployed as it checks for available subscriptions.

    If you wish to test the Total Security product you will have to use a empty Central account.