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Cannot uninstall Bitdefender

edited October 2017 in Install activation

A couple of days ago, my laptop began to behave strangely. I could ping websites, and Thunderbird could access my email, but none of my browsers (IE, Chrome, Edge, FF) could reach the Internet. Windows Update did not seem to be able to reach its servers, either.

So I tried to restore the last system restore point, but it failed saying that it was probably my AV software stopping it. So I uninstalled Bitdefender, planning to reinstall it afterward.

Then the system restore worked.

Naturally, that restore took me back to a time when BD was part of the system, so the icons show up and some background processes are running, but I cannot get the BD GUI to come up, so I cannot interact with it.

So I thought I would uninstall it again and then reinstall it. But when I go to Settings | Apps & features and click on the Uninstall button, it asks me if I want to allow the program to make changes, and I click Yes, but nothing happens. It is still there after several tries, including a reboot between.

How can I uninstall BD in this situation? Or, if I cannot, how can I get the GUI to come up?

I have BD Antivirus Plus v22.0.8.118 installed on Win10 Home. It also shows BD Agent v20.0.26.1436. (I am getting these from the Apps & features list because I cannot get to the BD GUI.)

I am using an administrator account to do all this.



  • Math_Matei

    Hmm .. very strange!
    Do this:
    1.Download the Bitdefender Uninstall Tool from here:
    Run it
    2.Then, after restarting the PC, use this tool:  and run it.

    3.Then  download CCleaner (it's free application) to clean the registry
    Then restart  your PC
    4.After rebooting, logged in to your Bitdefender Central account, download from the new installation kit and it will need to run



    after the first reboot of the PC, produced by Bitdefender uninstall tool, please check that the Bitdefender Agent is also present in the Control Panel, programs and features. If so, uninstall it from there
    Then follow the rest of the steps

    Windows 11 Pro - 11th Gen Intel Core i9-11900KF @3,50 GHz, 128.0 GB RAM

  • vknowles

    I downloaded and ran the uninstall tool. That seemed to remove everything, including BD Agent. So I did not run steps 2 and 3.

    Then I renistalled, and everything seems to be working except for something that I think requires a new thread in the forum.

    So thanks very much.

  • Math_Matei

    3 hours ago, vknowles said:


    So thanks very much.

    it was a real pleasure to help you

    Windows 11 Pro - 11th Gen Intel Core i9-11900KF @3,50 GHz, 128.0 GB RAM