Random network disconnects/blocking

As ive noted deeper in my previous  "is 2018 firewall behaviour" post, the second part of the BD firewall behaviour still persists.

The issue is it randomly blocks my network/dns servers/whatnot and i keep losing my network connection at random intervals.

It spans from disconnecting during online gameplay to just random internet browsing, most pronounced was yesterday during youtube browsing where i got disconnected almost every 20-30 minutes for a few minutes at a time.

Windows event viewer is saying that the dns servers are not responding, i.e. no internet.

This is going on since the 2018 release and no ammount of reinstalling, removing and repairing fixed it.

Tested by removing and going with 2 other different products with their own firewalls and i had no issues so its definitely related to the BD

Id hate to move to another product as i still have 2 years remaining on this one but if the issue persists ill have no choice anymore and im just being stubborn at the moment and hoping for a fix.

Help is very appreciated, thank you.


  • i, too, am having this issue....

  • Alright update, and im laughing while writing this.

    It seems any time the network blocks all i have to do to unblock it is to go to run and run cmd, it unblocks in a few seconds, talk about stupid solutions to problems (note this isnt a solution it would be best if it didnt happen at all)


    So, any news on a fix for this or should i just keep pinging my router every time BD blocks my net until judgement day?

  • Hello,


    Ensure that your Adapter is set as Home/Office. With some router models it is best that you also disable Block Port Scans.



  • Alright update:

    - That support link does nothing but it did give me another bug/issue/feature

    -stealth mode when turned off will turn on on pc restart again

    -allowing all applications access with a low level rule ignores the paranoid mode and will not prompt any more for high level permissions

    -digging around the router and disabling port scan detection does nothing for the issue as also changing network type in BD

    -now the main issue; it seems i completely avoided the random dc issue by moving my router to a default local network IP of 192.168.x.x,

      random x numbers selected and i have no more disconnects for the time being

    -this means that bd blocks local networks that are not on the said IP every n minutes or whatever it does, maybe it registers the router as an outside ip and blocks access

    Please do NOT mark this as solved yet, i will run with this setup for another week or two and will report back if any issues persist but for now if anyone has a similar network setup and is having these issues they know what to do