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Firmware update causes lost signal


I had my Bitbox 2 working great until the Firmware update that is. I run a router and extender (Orbi from Netgear) and had successfully placed them in AP mode with nary a problem. Since the Firmware update, my Satellite drops the signal rendering the things connected to it unable to get a signal to the www. Please fix the bad update soon. I had to abandon the BB2 and go back to my Orbi system for wifi.


  • Michael_BD
    Michael_BD Technical Support Manager BD Staff


    Could you please provide me with the email address that you used for the BOX setup through a private message so that we can take a look at the account and continue the troubleshooting?


  • spewak
    Options should be the email address I used.

  • spewak

    Michael, since I never heard back from you <img class=" data-emoticon="" src="" title=":angry:" />, I just kept checking this Forum and lo and behold, I saw in your original Firmware Update post the further updates have been issued. I reinstalled the Box 2 in my network and now everything works well with my Netgear Orbi system. I think that you should break out Firmware update posts so that it doesn't become buried in the original post.