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BitdefenderVPN Premium failing to autostart with windows 10

Lovejoy Peacemaker
edited January 2022 in VPN

VPN failing to autostart with windows 10 even though set to do so in VPN settings!

No matter how many times I set, reset, restart, reinstall the Bitdefender VPN Premium to automatically start with Windows 10 it just doesn't do so.

I do not care how brilliant the VPN itself actually is, it is useless to me unless it will start automatically when I start my PC.

The whole purpose of buying the blooming Premium version was to make sure it would autostart when I login to my PC as my memory is beginning to fail and I keep forgetting to start the VPN myself when I go to the internet for banking and all the other stuff one needs this kind of security for.

I have searched the forum for answers to this problem, but the only similar requests and topics to mine seem not to have been answered.

yours respectfully

Lovejoy Peacemaker 


  • Sergiu C.
    Sergiu C.
    edited October 2018


    The setting "Automatically launch Bitdefender VPN at startup" only refers to starting the VPN service, which places the VPN icon in your system tray and allows you to connect to the VPN. Basically it starts the program, but does not connect you to a server automatically. 

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. 

  • Thank you for the answer Sergiu

    However I think that the terminology used in advertising or explaining this facet of the VPN is certainly very ambiguous and needs to be changed so that no one else is "trapped" or "hooked" into purchasing Bitdefender VPN Premium like I was because they believe that the VPN will have already started automatically and be ready to cover any visits to the Internet by the user.

    It is certainly NOT made clear that it is only the tray icon that has been started and NOT the actual VPN service itself!!!

    yours respectfully

    Lovejoy Peacemaker

  • stinger22

    On 10/29/2018 at 4:49 AM, Sergiu C. said:


    The setting "Automatically launch Bitdefender VPN at startup" only refers to starting the VPN service, which places the VPN icon in your system tray and allows you to connect to the VPN. Basically it starts the program, but does not connect you to a server automatically. 

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. 


    Well can we get this as an option?  I would like to have it just connect just as if I open it and click on connect.

  • Frank17

    Hello Sergiu C:

    I agree with @Lovejoy Peacemaker . I have been assuming that it started automatically when windows started. Since it does not, I fail to see the need to include this language at all since you can put the VPN icon on the task bar yourself...and simply leave it there for future use.

    The language you are using is misleading, since there are other providers (Nord VPN being one of them) that do offer automatic connection start up when windows starts (ie post login). Hopefully you will update the program to do so, to avoid further confusion around this issue. Thank you,

    A Bitdefender Fan

  • TJD

    I must agree with the others regarding the language being misleading. I had also assumed that "Run Bitdefender VPN on Windows Startup" would do just that. I don't see the purpose of having that option simply start the service, which in itself does not afford any protection to the user, but not actually connect the VPN. My preference would be to have the "Run Bitdefender VPN on Windows Startup" option do just that: start the service AND connect the VPN.

    Thanks in advance for listening to our feedback to help make Bitdefender an even better product.

  • mcjoe1015

    Bitdefender, ..... SERIOUSLY????

    You think, manually clicking the "Connect" button every single time I start my PC, is called "Auto connect", really?

    What century are we live in?

    This is really really really really annoying, pisses me off, I almost hate it.

    This is a simple programing code can be don by a 12 years old, and instead you guys trying to explain why should costumers accept it

    You got to solve this quickly, because I just purchased the premium package but this is a deal breaker when it comes to renew my subscription and most likely won't be renewing it.

  • I cannot agree more with what everyone just said above. If by the end of my suscription the VPN does not actually start AND connect on its own, I will not renew my suscriptions and I will make sure my friends and family using bitdefender do the same.

    Seriously this really is a lack of professionnalism and dishonesty.

  • Really annoying that I must remember to TURN ON VPN. Counter intuitive to have to start something that states it will autostart, which is Not True.

    Hate going thru half my day and realizing that my VPN is not on. Not sure why I pay so much for a premium app that should start upon bootup.

    Super disappointed. Please fix. Subscription renewal with Bitdefender is in danger.

  • Agree with what everyone above has said. Any VPN that fails to start as soon as an app or browser opens that would need it is an abysmal failure and not at all what I thought I was buying. I won't renew and I'll go ahead and find my new vendor right now so I can pull the trigger as soon as this subscibtion expires.

  • Bitdefender continues to ignore everyone's comments on THE MOST NECESSARY FEATURE IN THE VPN CLIENT

    I'm switching to express VPN since Bitdefender doesn't give two sh*ts about their customer feature requests!!

  • Andy64

    Unless this is fixed to connect on start up, I won't be renewing my sub.

  • It is utterly maddening that this is a such a simple enough question: But WHY in the world is there EVEN a selection toggle switch ON the VPN menu to "Automatically launch Bitdefender VPN at startup" if turning ON said switch doesn't actually EXECUTE the selected function???

    Such a simple little snippet of CODE in order to perform such a SIMPLE function!

    Come on, BitDefender, you are (at least I thought you were) much BETTER than this!😕

  • Mike_BD

    Hello Members,

    This thread is started in 2018 and Bitdefender VPN has been upgrade since @Edbo , @Andy64 , @Googl_Spy_On_U2 and @BigDog235 .

    In the old version, indeed, that setting meant that the VPN was not connecting at startup automatically, but the services were started, so when the user actually opens the app, it instantly connects.

    In the latest version, services automatically start at start-up and if you switch "STARTUP" ON, then Bitdefender VPN should automatically start at Windows startup.

    If this doesn't happen, then I'm kindly asking to contact our Support team, as they will most likely need logs to identify each case:

    Stay safe,


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