Well after a year with Norton Security I'm back with Bitdefender (I'm sure you're thrilled). It seems to be performing much better now and update times are reasonable. No problems at all so far. Just a quick question....On two systems now I noticed that an installer.exe was allowed to access the net through the firewall. When looking for that .exe in the location mentioned it can not be found (hidden files are shown). Does anyone recognize RarSFX0/installer.exe ? Google doesn't give much help saying it could be from an AV suite or even Microsoft . I do not have WinRar so it's not that. I had a very hard time removing Norton and it kept sneaking an installer into Public Downloads trying to reinstall itself after it was uninstalled. I'm wondering if it's something left over from Norton. Any information would be greatly appreciated. (Win10 Pro 64 Bit)

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