BUG REPORT v3.02 Black Box and Options Broken

RE:  TrafficLight Extension v. 3.02 for Chrome and Firefox.

I've tested it on 25 windows workstations. They all have exhibit the same TrafficLight bug. When you click on the TrafficLight icon in Chrome (or Firefox), you get a black box.  Also, in Chrome, the "Extension Options" button does not work.

See Screenshots Attached.


TrafficLight Bug.jpg

TrafficLight Bug2 in Chrome.jpg



  • Hello,


    Thank you for reporting this situation. We have sent this situation to our development team for further analysis.

  • bjm
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    TrafficLight 3.0.6  - Chrome 

    Extension options = works, now.  


    With Search and Tracker toggle Off ....TrafficLight still renders.



    TrafficLight 3.0.6 Options - Firefox (page scale?)


  • TrafficLight 3.0.8  - Chrome 

     Search and Tracker toggle Off ....TrafficLight still renders.


  • Hello,

    The situation is already acknowledged by our development team and we are working on a solution. 

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