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App Lock Privacy Concern

edited February 2022 in Mobile Security

Android version: 9.0

App version:

When the App Lock is enabled for all apps on my Android phone. If i open an app (say the email app for example) without typing any passcode (or typed a wrong passcode), then if i click the bottom left "X" button on the passcode page (or the phone's Recent App button), the phone's Recent App page displays the content of the email app, its like I am previewing the email app. And that means i can bypass the passcode page to see the content of the email app. So this could be a potential privacy/security issue.

In addition, once the App Lock is enabled for some apps, can I assume that locked/unlocked apps can not exchange data with/ read data from other locked/unlocked apps? In short does the App Lock feature able to block app-to-app data flow via Inter-Component Communication within the Android phone because of the apps being locked by Bitdefender? This is another question on privacy.

Hope its easy to understand. Thank you.