Birdefender Free shows as "Active" in tray icon and "Security Centre" when it is not



There seems to be a bug in Bitdefender Free on Windows 10 that I would like to raise to the attention of support (hope they read this).

If one disables bitdefender then it shows the red cross as expected in the system tray and also the Windows Security Centre also shows a red cross.  This is fine and as expected however - if you do a restart the computer then after some time the Bitdefender icon in the system tray indicates all is well (no red cross) and also the "Windows Security Centre" also infomrs me witha green tick (and if I go in with the words" that Bitdefender is active and protecting me.  But it is not. It is still disabled from before the restart.  I can be happily working away for hours with bitdefender disabled and not knowing.   If I happen to double click on the bitdefender icon in the taskbar it only then turns to a red cross and even then.... Windows security centre still indicated that Bitdefender Free is active and protecting me.

I did some tests and it is definately not.

Something is broken badly.  I have tested it on 3x different Windows 10 computers (all different) and its the same each time.







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