Client Behaviour and Email Databases

A quality data base is your business's most valuable attribute when it comes email your marketing strategy. Email marketing is highly responsive and can be the most personal one on one interactive effort of relevancy to your potential client. Since the introduction of the CAN-SPAM Act, the dynamics of the consumer/brand relationship has changed...for the better.

The means to a successful database has become a delicate and involved process that has to be constantly maintained and tweaked according to changes in your market. The best way to do this is to use a reputable professional company to help you find a data base that will be responsive to your efforts.

Many businesses with websites worried that email marketing would be demolished when the new protection act was passed due to substantially less traffic and subsequently less to offer advertisers who would previously have been promised a higher click through rate and a greater audience. However this is not the case. Rather the email marketer's focus should be on the advantages of the opt in email by acknowledging their interaction with clients has become something more personal, more trusting and more effective.

Consumers have the right to their privacy and the right to chose who they interact with. Simply because the flooding of random inboxes has been done away with, does not mean people will no longer be exposed to your business. Instead through data rental of profiled, permission based selection, the right consumers will be exposed to your services and will carry a higher likelihood of turning into a client.

Unsubscribe rates are down and the main reason cited for unsubscribing is the client simply no longer requires the service any longer. Relevancy and consensual client/brand relationships has added value to email marketing, making it a marketing strategy that concerns the individual and their behaviour in relation to your brand not the privacy invading, intrusive one way correspondence that was linked to SPAM.

According to Chris Combermale, Executive Director of the Direct Marketing Association, consumers are taking charge of their own data.  The largest proportion (54%) of those surveyed said that trusting the company  would be the first factor in prompting them to provide personal details, and consumers are seven times more likely to provide information to a company they have an existing relationship with. Trust is also the key factor for customers setting up an account online (so they don't have to re-enter data the next time the site is accessed) by a factor of nearly 20%.

Being honest and transparent in your correspondence with your data base is not only the most amicable way to market your brand; it is the most effective. The longevity that comes from loyalty is the most you could hope for in your digital marketing strategy.



  • OP, this is a pretty open-ended answer and I do this for a living. There's a myriad of strategies you can take with the data you're collecting on your website. If you break it down very simply by prospects (users who have not given you their email address) and customers (users who have transacted / provided an email address).

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