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  • My name is Kevin. I work for a promotional marketing agency in US. Assisting with information security management. In my spare time I fly sailplanes.

    We are a 100% macOS shop and control many things on company issued laptops using SimpleMDM, but there are a few things that we need to have more control of or have more visibility into. Hoping Bitdefender can be the tool for us.

  • Hi folks. My name is Ian, and I retired about two months ago from working as an Instructional Designer for a world-class MDR cybersecurity company HQ'd in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. With more time to focus on life outside of employment, I'm looking to strengthen my home network security. I'm relatively new to using Bitdefender, though I've heard of it for several years. I just kept getting cheap deals for other Internet security apps (McA*** and Nor* ** mostly). Now I want to get serious, including the addition of VPN on all of our devices.

  • My name is David. I have used Norton Anti-Virus for years but recently switched to Bitdefender. I am very happy with all of it, except for one thing...

    I. Need. To. Know. How. To. Stop. Those. Bloody. Pop-ups.

    This is killing me. I don't care that Bitdefender sell a VPN (I already have one). I don't care that anything is 'optimised' for work. I don't care that banking can be made more secure. I don't care that when I'm torrenting Bitdefender has noticed and can sell me a VPN that I don't need.
  • Hello! I am Gary.
    I have used Bitdefender since it first started on a PC.
    Now I am on iOS only.
    Is there an area dedicated to the iOS users on the beta version on iOS? I know the security situation is different with it.
    I hope to get involved more here.
    - Gary
  • DronePilot
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    hi my name is Bill i am retired from " IT " as of last year. I started my career around 1985. I started at the last of the mainframes. Saw PC's become popular. I like flying my drone, day trading, working on cars, and smallengines. I like electronics both analog and digital. In fact in High School i was taking Analog electronics, no calculators, PC's , LCDs either Nixie tubes , CRT's or analog meters for worldly outside reading of what was going on. Had a slide rule for calculations. I remeber the day our instructor came in and informed us about a new company called Intel and something called digital electronics. I started working when i was 14 working at nights after school or weekends. All the nice days i was inside repairing someones whatever. Now its time for adventure, everyday is a saturday.

  • Hello @DronePilot and welcome to the Bitdefender Expert Community!

    Thanks for sharing your story with us and I'm glad you're now enjoying the free time for which you worked so hard. What type of drone do you fly, it's an FPV or competition? I myself am an automotive enthusiat, so I'd love to hear more about that as well, if you wish.

    Stay safe,


  • Hello everyone.
    My name is Sina .
    I have worked about10 years in networking, specially cisco, virtualization and MikroTik and sometimes security.
    recently I joined to a Bitdefender Certified Distributer company as Technical.
    It's my pleasure that I'm here.

    Best Regards
  • Hello @Sina_B_T and welcome to the Community!

    I take this opportunity to congratulate you for joining the Bitdefender family!

    Wow, 10 years in the tech field, that's impressive!

    I hope you will enjoy your stay and have fun 😊


  • > @Alexandru_BD said:
    > Hello @Sina_B_T and welcome to the Community!
    > I take this opportunity to congratulate you for joining the Bitdefender family!
    > Wow, 10 years in the tech field, that's impressive!
    > I hope you will enjoy your stay and have fun 😊
    > Cheers!

    Tank you @Alexandru_BD

    Stay Safe
  • DoItToIt_09
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    Hi @Andy_BD and everyone else!

    I'm new here. Hopefully I'll enjoy my stay in this forum.

    About me? I work as a freelancer; I usually write for various clients and complete ad hoc tasks for them.

    My hobbies include reading books, watching Netflix while chilling, eating cheese-flavored popcorn and licking the cheese off my fingers, and listening to music of all genres.

    What motivates me now is money. I'm trying to save up for future travels, so when it's already safe to be roaming the world again, I have the financial resource to get the heck out of this country for a while.

    One of my favorite persons in the world is Taylor Swift (yes, I'm a Swiftie, I think). This woman continually impresses me with her songwriting ability and more importantly her business savviness and work ethic (which other artist can release multiple albums in a single calendar year? Her productivity is out of this world!).


  • Welcome to our Community! What antivirus product do you use?

  • Hello and a warm welcome to the Community!

    I have a huge respect for freelancing, as it sells value and offers the opportunity to work on your own terms. So I guess that it really depends on how motivated you are and if you are willing to go the extra mile to achieve your goals. Money is a necessity after all, we need them to pay our bills and make a decent living. But what I learned is that you can get extremely motivated to go above and beyond to get them, if you are really enjoying your work. This has to be one of the key elements if you want to be successful. When work meets passion, that is where things are happening.

    Been watching the Blacklist on Netflix lately, I find it quite good. Taylor Swift? She has to be one of the most beautiful women that ever lived on this Planet.

    Let us know when you start travelling. I might actually open a category for travel experiences. What do you think? This place doesn't have to be all about viruses and bugs, we can also have a good time and share experiences, right?