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it is great that VPN can autorun after Win start but we are tired to always manually start it.

If running in unlimited mode we need to have "Autoconnect" feature as well to avoid manual start over and over again.

Add new Setting/Autoconnect


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     Hi, this gentleman, or a lady @Se7en, hello

    Thank you in advance for loving our Bitdefender products

    This is a very innovative and great idea

    We will report your suggestions to Bitdefender's superior unit!

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    Hello, @Se7en  we got a reply:

     As per your last question with the VPN. The VPN/ Premium VPN will have to be connected manually due to the fact that when connected, it starts filtering the traffic and uses your internet connection as well. At the moment, you can not set it to be connected automatically as user might forget about its status as Connected and hence not stopping it

    This function is not listed at the moment in the VPN. That is why the user will have to connect manually everytime the VPN starts.

    And, regarding the insecure network settings, the method of automatically connecting to the VPN


    The pop-up you are receiving is from Bitdefender's Wi-Fi Security Advisor feature. It recommends the usage of the VPN due to the fact that your Wi-Fi network is not 100% secure. In effect to this, it will not automatically set on connected, it will just send a notification recommending you to connect to the VPN.

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    There should be some time delay if needed after Win start of course. Also can keep current functionality for manual start/stop as well.

    I am just asking to add that optional function for automated activation because we are forced to switch it after every Win login manually. It is annoying a lot.

  • Agree, we need option for automatic connection. Other VPN products have this feature, so it is not a technical issue. Please don't "save us from ourselves", saying we MIGHT forget we set the auto-connect, let us be responsible for our own behavior. I really like the idea of a time delay option, users choice, I'd use this all the time, say, 30s - 5mins after windows startup, a pop-up asking if we'd like to connect VPN. Would also like a more noticeable "connected" icon in the System Tray. Thanks for listening!

  • I have purchased a different VPN service in addition to Bitdefender Total security.

    Should I turn off Bitdefender limited VPN before installing the other VPN service to avoid conflicts?

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    @Robbster ,@Se7en

    To share your feedback with bitdefender development team, kindly drop an email to bitdefender support at [email protected] .They will in turn forward your feedback to development team.

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    Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. You should not use 2 VPN software side by side unless you have very high internet speed. Using 2 VPN software side to side will have a possibility of slowing down your internet speed.

    Since, bitdefender VPN is integrated in bitdefender total security you can rely on it completely. Additionally, the bitdefender VPN engine is based on one of the best VPN service providers in the world i.e Hotspot Shield

    For additional information you

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  • I have to reconnect manually VPN several time per day. It is unstable.



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