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Account security


Here is my problem.I can get into Bitdefender Central directly from the "B" icon on the bottom left of my screen. Obviously going through "My Account" in the total security window. I cleared all history and caches from Google account. I deleted my password auto form fill. in google as well. My kids are going onto parental controls way too easy. I wish Bitdefender central was harder to get into.


  • Zabobitman

    Hi, this gentleman, or a lady , hello

    First of all, the method I know is that you can set your password security to a higher degree of difficulty, and the email password should not be the same as the Bitdefender Central account, and do not tell your family

    Then after using it at any time, remember to clear the browsing history

    Again, if you adjust the method I mentioned above, the account is still logged in by others

    It is possible that your computer is installed with a malicious program recorded by the keyboard. This part may require you to check, because when you install a program and agree to his regulations, we can do nothing.

  • The thing is when I am in "Total Security" which is running on my computer I click the link to Take me to Bit defender Central which takes me online. At this point I am already logged in at Bitdefender central. No security questions are even asked to gain access to my account. Even my password keeper with google has been gone through to remove the keys to BD central. The cash has been flushed as well.

    Any thoughts on why I am automatically getting logged in central would be great. Does this happen to anyone else?