What Impact Does Google Drive Have on Protected Files?

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I am running BitDefender Antivirus for Mac Version and also running Google's Backup & Sync application for Google Drive.

If I add my entire Google Drive folder to the Protected Files list, what impact (if any) would this be on the files and their ability to sync to Google Drive? This assumes the Backup & Sync app is added to the Application Access.

I want to ensure that I do not mess up any of my files if I add my Google Drive folder to protect against Ransomeware.


  • Hello B3RMUD4,

    Files stored on Google Drive cannot be encrypted by ransomware, as this type of threat only acts upon locally stored files. Adding Google Drive to Protected Files will not improve the overall security of your cloud-stored files.

    The best approach would be to store critical files on an external hard drive that is not connected daily to your computer.

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    Hi Alex, the files are stored on my laptop locally, but are also being backed up via the Backup & Sync tool. I'm concerned about those local files and what would happen if adding such files to BitDefenders ransomware protection would cause the backup and sync tool to inadvertently impact the files when synced back to the cloud.

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    I'm just following up on this post. Clarification on this is greatly appreciated!