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Changes to the file picker + Firewall rules administration + small UI changes

edited February 2022 in Product features and Ideation

Hello everybody! I have been a Bitdefender client for 2 years now and I pretty much completly love it, the only thing that really bothered is me how hard is to choose stuff like multiple excluded rules or to delete/change multiple firewall rules since the file browser doesn't let you to do common stuff like pressing ctrl to choose multiple elements or to allow you to copy a route so you can find files faster (example pasting C:\users\etc\etc\etc so you dont need to navigate it manually) this could be easily fixed if rather than using a custom file browser it allowed you to use the default file picker:

Default browser (doesnt let you pick multiple items with ctrl + click)

Default file browser (In windows 10, lets you to choose multiple elements):

Another really welcomed change would be to make the firewall rules selection easier to administrate (example: to let you delete or edit multiple rules at once).

Bitdefender firewall rules administrator:

vs Malwarebytes firewall administrator: (Im not using the bitdefender one atm because it gets hard to filter rules and such, plust it doesnt let you to use ctrl to select multiple items).

Another suggestion that I could ask for, it would be for the app to have an optional black theme and to have a "disable protection" shortcut when you right click the icon so you can easily disable all shields and such.


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    Thanks for you recommendation. I would like to inform you that the best way to provide feedback for bitdefender product is to contact the support and raise the ticket. This way support staff can directly address your feedback to the development team.

    You can raise a ticket with support and share your feedback here :

    Additionally regarding the black theme and disable protection option in taskbar, i being a beta tester for beta 2018, 2019 & 2020 bitdefender products had already quoted the same in beta 2020 campaign to the development team and they said they will look into it. I hope they might have received many request from other users also related to same and who knows we might find the option you are looking for in upcoming beta 2021 in few months.

    If this helps, kindly click on agree.



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