Game blocked by easy cheat

Hi I tried to start my game but threat detector came up and said it was infected with Gen:Suspicious.Cloud.1.ZA6@aSP!hsi


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    Hi Member,

    The detection of the file is not signature based (detection created by malware researchers), the detection is a cloud based detection. This detection may hold true or false also.

    If you think that the file according to you is not malicious kindly do two things :

    1) Scan the file on virustotal and provide the virustotal link here.

    2) Submit the file for analyzing to malware research team providing as much feedback you can to them, here (

    If malware researchers think that the file is not malicious then cloud detection might be removed in next 72 hours , but note that you describe in the feedback submission link above that the file is detected by cloud server.

    If the malware researchers find the file to be malicious, they might create a signature based detection against the sample. Removing and adding the detection is totally upto Malware research team.

    If this helps, kindly click on agree.



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