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Unable to create Wallet

edited February 2022 in Utilities

I have 2019 Total Security

Trying to create a Wallet following the steps given in help -

  1. Logged in Bitdefender Central but unable to find Privacy/Password Manager option.
  2. Tried using my Android tab and no success.

I don't have my personal laptop where I installed the Bitdefender for the first time and not sure if I should have it to create Wallet.

Please help.



  • Hello @nyspongebob ,

    Here are the steps for configuring Bitdefender wallet. You need to open the Bitdefender desktop application first.

    1. Click the Privacy icon on the left side bar of the Bitdefender interface.

    2. In the PASSWORD MANAGER pane, click Create new Wallet.

    3. Click the Create new button.

    4. Type the required information in the corresponding fields.

    • Wallet label – type a unique name for your Wallet database.

    • Master Password – type a password for your Wallet.

    • Retype Password – retype the password you set.

    • Hint – type a hint to remember the password.

    5. Click Continue.

    6. At this step you can choose to store your information in the cloud. If you select No, the info will remain stored locally on your device. Choose the desired option, then click Continue.

    7. Select the web browser you want to import credentials from.

    8. Click Finish.

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