Bitdefender scans don't run at the scheduled time

I have my Windows 10 system set up to run a system scan every day at 3:00 am and a quick scan every day at 1:30 am. Instead, the scans seam to start at random times during the day, and I think they interfere with the performance of my computer while they are running. Today, for example, the latest system scan completed "an hour ago", which would be 9:25 AM. The log itself has a "creatonDate" of today at 8:33:14 AM and a "startTime" of 1590822000.

The most recent quick scan date is this morning at 1:35 AM, so it's not an issue.

The previous full scan date was yesterday at 1:59 PM.

I have my system set up so that it is on 24 hours a day, and it's screen turns off after several minutes of inactivity. But it's always going. And my backup software (Syncovery) runs reliably at 2:00 AM, when I have it scheduled.

Here is the configuration screen for my scheduled AV tasks:

How can I get my full scans to run when they are supposed to?


  • Hello @wla2000 ,

    Few things to note

    • Bitdefender may skip a scan if it detects high cpu usage during that time inorder to prevent any slow down
    • During scheduled scan, you can see a scan icon in task bar when double clicked will show the progress. Also if uou have enabled security widget, it will have an indication. Are you seeing that?
    • Are you facing the random scanning time issue daily or only some days?
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    Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. If you have already set a scheduled scan & your product is unable to scan at the given time, then an assumption of bug in the product might be their.

    I would first request you to kindly generate bitdefender logs :

    Next, I would request you to kindly drop an email to bitdefender support at [email protected] with the attached bitdefender logs and explain the issue in brief.

    Response may be delayed due to less staff and covid19. Rest be assured, they will reply back asap.

    If this helps, kindly mark answer as agree/ accepted



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  • What was the fix for this issue??? Having same issue!!!

  • I am having the same issue - scheduled scans just don't run.

  • kliebor
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    I have been having the issue since 2016, BitDefender scheduled scans have never worked. It is a bug in their scheduler or their activity detection I am pretty sure, they should just use windows scheduler, that is actually reliable for starting things. I think they also need to get rid of/not use the computer busy/used check code if I explicitly schedule a scan. I do not give a rat's butt about other automated tasks or if the locked and unused computer is a little slow. There is a reason I told the software to scan at 1 AM. If by some chance I am awake and using the computer I can always kill the scan if I am up and working. An explicit defined scan should never have the option to be delayed or skipped at the software's discretion. Software just obeys its settings or it is useless. I am asleep and it is unused, just scan. It should never forget or skip, this is security software, it needs to do its job when it is told to. Right now the scan has not fired once automatically since installation on my fresh install of Windows 10 back in June 2020. Once a week have a windows task scheduler job that pops up a window that reminds me to kick off a scan at the end of my work day right before dinner on Fridays. I start it and lock the computer. It is not perfect but I get to have a regular full scan once a week.

    The scheduler itself is useless, but the detection engine and tools are excellent so I put up with it, but every year it goes unfixed at renewal time I research other tools to see if anyone has beaten Bitdefender, as soon as a company I trust does, Bitdefender will be cancelled like a bad check. Here is hoping they fix it soon as I really do like their software.

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    I have exactly the same issues. Bitdefender customer support are very personally helpful but the company seems unable to solve this problem. Like Kliebor, I'm putting up with what really should be an easily-solvable problem because the program is very good in all other respects- but surely something can be done? And it's clear from perusing other comments on here that the problem's been ongoing for years.

  • I am having the same issue - no resolution by Bitdefender

  • Same issue here. Had it for about a year. Extremely frustrating. At least I medium faith that the antivirus is working and detecting threats in real time like it should but I would be a lot more confident if their app worked with basic features like scheduling 🙂.

  • Scheduled scans work for a few weeks after a BD reinstall. But something updates(maybe Skype) and only weekly system scan works, custom scans do not.