Annoying VPN notification


I am using Bitdefender Total security

I am unable to disable VPN notification which keep on coming everytime i connect to wifi.

I have unistalled VPN & also disabled wifi notification still it keep on coming again & again &again & again,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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    Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Since you have already tried disabling the notification in settings & still it is showing up, kindly drop an email to bitdefender support at [email protected] regarding the same

    Response may be delayed due to less staff and covid19. Rest be assured, they will reply back asap.



    (Bitdefender beta tester 2019/ 2020)

  • I had the same issue. It may sound like a minor problem, but I got the message every time I logged on, which might be several times a day. Not only that but the flag would always pop up at least TWICE so I would have to click it two times to get rid of it. I say 'at least twice' because often it would be more times - my record is NINE times in a row before it disappeared!

    Anyway, this seems to be a long standing problem and I found the apparent solution in earlier threads. Just turning of 'recommendations' in settings isn't sufficient (though you'd think it would be) - you have to turn of wi-fi monitoring.

    From the main dashboard select:

    • Protection
    • Under 'vulnerability' click 'open'
    • Click 'settings'
    • Toggle the wi-fi security adviser to 'off'

    Other users reported that this didn't work as the setting kept turning itself back on after a restart or shut down, however, I just tried it and it worked OK for me - stayed turned off after restart.

    Incidentally, I choose not to use the VPN as it slows my machine down massively. I have tried other VPN's before this and they all render my computer virtually unusable, so unless this can be solved I'll continue to avoid them.

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