Rules keep resetting?!

2 times this week my firewall rules reset.

Certain programs I dont want having access to the internet for security reasons.

When it resets all the rules return to default settings. Huge waste of time.

More concerned with WHAT is changing my settings. I suppose it could be a hard drive going bad, or more sinister like malware.

Anyone have any ideas how to troubleshoot and fix this from happening?


  • Same issue! This is a dealbreaker unfortunately.

  • This issue has been ongoing for 10 years (based on forum posts). Bitdefender said they were working on a fix in 2011...

  • Ditto, making the jump to GlassWire once this subscription runs out and maybe just keep this for Antivirus. I have been dealing with this BS firewall issue since 2+ years. Can't stand it anymore.