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VPN vs Outlook

Se7en ✭✭
edited February 2022 in VPN


sending/receiving emails under running VPN was OK a month ago. Nowadays stopped working.

Tried this but wont helped.

Any ideas or other users experiencing the same problem?


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  • Se7en
    Se7en ✭✭

    I have already solved it by allowing SSL connection for POP3

  • Se7en
    Se7en ✭✭
    edited October 2020

    Now when trying the same via IMAP have similar problem with Outlook 2016:

    I have 2 mailboxes from different providers. Both with the same settings:

    1) * * SSL 993/465

    2) * * SSL 993/465

    When VPN is on (automatic mode) then mailbox1 receiving/sending emails flawlessly.

    On VPN mailbox2 is receiving emails only but unable to send. When VPN is down, sending OK.

    Tried to add DNS/Gateway but it is reset after every VPN start. Reinstalled VPN. Nothing helped...