installation is impossible

(I'm sorry, but I don't speak English well - this is a machine translation)Hello, I cannot install Bitdefender Free after the trial period of Bitdefender Total Security. After using the uninstall utility, Bitdefender_2020_Uninstall_Tool.exe downloaded and activated bitdefender_online.exe but during installation it gives an error (photo 1,2) reinstalled 6 times !!! after starting the individual key bitdefender_windows_779cad29-d094-4409-86ec-114dbb4ee2ed.exe (different each time) issues activation of the free version with a key (what if it's a free version). when you go into the antivirus, then Total Security is activated and not Free. For me, Total Secutity suits those - it slows down and complicates the work, the FREE version worked as it should and did not load the system. How to install the FREE version?