Free version - Can't uninstall completely, Can't re-install

Hello -

I have Windows 10. I had to uninstall Bitdefender Free because it wasn't allowing me to update Windows for a major update, even with protection off. I now want to re-install Bitdefender Free. It won't. I tried the instructions below that have been written three times here in this Free support forum, they also don't work. I also emailed support, they told me to come back here. I'm writing this out just to say that I did, so that support will escalate this and reach out to me to help me remove the Free version completely so that I can re-install it.

Here are the above mentioned instructions which didn't work:

1) Uninstall bitdefender agent and bitdefender free antivirus

2) Restart pc in safe mode (

3) As soon as desktop opens, assuming your windows drive is C, open below things in run command (windows icon + r) one by one :

C:\Program Files (delete any folder with name bitdefender)

C:\Program Files (x86) (delete any folder with name bitdefender)

C:\ProgramData (delete any folder with name bitdefender)

C:\Users\{your pc name}\AppData\Local (delete any folder with name bitdefender)

4) Open run command again and run below command one by one :

temp ,delete all the files in the folder

%temp% ,delete all the files in folder

prefetch ,delete all the files in folder

5) Restart your pc in general mode by unticking the option that you selected to run the system in safe mode and then click apply.

6) Try reinstalling bitdefender free

More details on my steps taken:

I could not update Windows. Even with Bitdefender protection off.

I uninstalled Bitdefender, via Programs and Settings.

I was then able to update Windows.

I then wanted to re-install Bitdefender.

I could not.

Initially, the error was cannot copy installer.

Then I tried Bitdefender uninstaller. Not working.

Then I removed my device from Bitdefender Central, deleted my Bitdefender account, tried Bitdefender uninstaller in safe mode, turning off Windows Security/Defender protection, the instructions at, using Privazer, and was able to get the installer to load.

Then the installer failed at 2%. The error was cannot delete some drivers.

I still have at least one registry entry that cannot be deleted as well, which lists Bitdefender as the second antivirus; Windows Defender is the first.

Thank you to anyone who can reach out to me from support.