reinstall to same laptop different disk

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My laptop crashed and I had to change to a new SSD. I had the Bitdefender Antivirus Free on it. I can't seem to reinstall it.

When I execute the downloaded file, permission dialogue pops up, I answered yes. Bitdefender opens and ask me to sign in. After I sign in it closes and opens a download window for a split second then closes immediately, then nothing. No indication of bitdefender on the taskbar. The security settings show the default Windaws Defender Antivirus is handling that job.

The taskmanager does have a "Bitdefender Agent" on it, but its not doing anything.

Also, went on the Bitdefender Central and under My Subscription, it says active on 1 device

If anyone can help, much appreciated.



  • Chey
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  • OK, nevermind. After executing it several times, suddenly, it stayed on and installed completely and works fine now. Don't know what changed