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I m sure this might have been asked before, but i didn't find it.

I have laptop A which i will be exchanging for a new one B.

A has Bitdefender Antivirus Plus for 3 years.

After following instructions from <>, i was required to generate a link which will be active for 24 hours.

The notification i received is -


Hi there,

You have been invited to secure your device with Bitdefender protection for Windows.

First, make sure you are reading this message on the device you want to protect.

Then click Download & install to get your trusted security app on the device.

Keep in mind

Once you complete the installation, the account holder will be able to view and perform certain remote actions such as:

  • Start a scan
  • Locate, lock or wipe the device
  • Install Parental Control: monitor location, applications and websites


I clearly asks me to "make sure you are reading this message on the device you want to protect" that is device B.

My question -

Under "Keep in mind", it appears to me that A will be "parent" and B will be "child". Despite of formatting A, B will still not be my new primary installed antivirus.

How do i make sure that B gets "parent" (not parental) control?



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    Hi Member,

    Here is what I can understand from your statement.

    You will not be using system A now & will be using system B. So you want that system B should get the 3 year subscription which is currently holded by system A.

    Follow below steps :

    1) Remove the system A PC from your bitdefender central account :

    2) Download the trial version of bitdefender antivirus plus 2020 from this link : (online installer of BAV plus 2020 will be downloaded)

    3) Download & run BAV plus 2020 setup.

    4) After setup will be completed and program will be successfully installed, a bitdefender agent windows will open. Kindly enter your bitdefender central details & after a successful login the product will synchronize with the online central account and get activated with the 3 years key that is associated to your central account.

    If you need more help, kindly drop an email to bitdefender support at [email protected]

    All done.


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