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Quick and and System Scan doesn't do anything


When I first downloaded BitDefender Total Security a couple months ago I was able to run scans.

Today I wanted to run a scan, and nothing opens or starts when I click anything under Protection->Antivirus section. Everything else opens (Protection-> Vulnerability, Firewall, Antispam, Online Threat Protection, Advanced Threat Detection, et cetera.

From what I can find on the internet this seems to be a common problem and BD provides no answers other than trying confirming what we already know, which is that the p.o.s. doesnt scan anymore. Other options are to pay for an uninstallation app. I'm very confused. What is the point of paying for this if it doesnt do what we payed for it to do?

Somebody please help, do nt respond unless it's a solution.



  • Are you using the bitdefender program on your computer to send the commands or are you sending them from bitdefender central, in your browser?

    When you send commands from your browser, the scans does get going, but you do not see that, or notice it, unless you have settings in Windows/mac OS/linux on giving system notifications.

    Bitdefender is an annoying and outstanding product at the same time. Techies like me whats to know exactly what happens in a security program. Bitdefender does not give much info,


    It protects you better then I can, automaticly. I bought bitdefender in May 2020, from using others for 3 decades. I only use bitdefender and have microsoft defender as backup now. Bitdefender is, in my view, the best security app right now.

    But yeah, they are horrible at giving us info about what they do and dont.

    I rather have a security software thats outstanding, with the world worse sales people, then the other way around ;).

  • Hello @eatyerpodatoes ,

    Please email us at, we'll gladly assist you via our ticketing platform, as we haven't received repeated reports of this situation on Windows.

  • Hel

    I'm also having the same problem by the sounds of it. I have Bitdefender on 3 devices and I haven't had a problem until today. I updated and then tried to do a quick scan, nothing happened. I click the button and zilch. I then tried going thru the panel side , clicked system scan, nothing happened. It's basically like I'm not clicking on anything. I can get into the other kinds of settings but not the scanning ones...HELP