Good 'Ol Games (GOG) Client and Game False Positive for BD2020

Good 'Ol Games is a service that lets users play classic older DOS-based games on modern OS'es.

It consists of installing a client that downloads and launches games you've purchased, similar to Steam.

Bitdefender Home 2020 recently prevented the launch of a game I purchased with this service, flagging it as malware and putting about 10 files in quarantine.


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    Hi Member,

    Bitdefender is detecting & deleting the files because it is considering them as malicious.

    If you think the files are wrongly classified/ block, kindly fill this online forum ( .The forum will share the respective files directly with the malware research team and if the files are indeed falsely detected, detection will be removed in maximum of 72 hours. If detection stays even after 72 hours, you should assume that files are considered as malicious by malware researchers and detection will not be removed.

    If you need more help, kindly contact bitdefender support at [email protected] 



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