BD AV FREE 2020 - URL Exclusion not working

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Greetings. I have found that BD AV FREE 2020 is blocking me from accessing my home router Web UI when I utilize Chrome. When I disable Protection Shield, I can access my home router Web UI.

To work around this, I attempted to add the URL of my home router to the Exclusions list, but I still cannot reach the router with the URL added to the Exclusions lists.

Am I misunderstanding how this feature works?


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    Hi Member,

    Kindly drop an email to bitdefender support at [email protected] regarding your query. Your issue can be resolved by support only. Since you are using free version, the support may tell you to submit your issue on the bitdefender forum/ community. Reply them back by saying to share the issue with development team, since the issue is related to the product.

    NOTE : Bitdefender support does not deals with free product and transfers every free user to bitdefender forum/ community regarding any help. But the cases like these where the issue is with the product you will have to personally specify them to share it with development team.



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