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atc.sys and bttdc.sys causing fatale issues on Windows 10



I have recently been having completely random, repeated Blue Screen of Death on my Windows 10 PC, and for a while I had absolutely no idea what the problem was. Then someone on Microsoft's support website was able to analyze the dump files from the crashes, and he told me this:

"All the crashes blame atc.sys and bttdc.sys which indicates BitDefender is at fault.

Uninstalling the same should resolve the issue. Use the removal tool from below and use Windows Security in its place."

So rather than jumping to the conclusion of uninstalling BitDefender (and plugging whatever shenanigans Microsoft wants me to install), I want to get to the bottom of the issue at hand. What is atc.sys and bttdc.sys and how can I fix this issue?

I hypothesize that BitDefender may not have critical updates to fix the issue itself. However, Windows 10 can't stay booted long enough to complete those updates, before crashing. Thus, if I have to change BitDefender in any way, I have to somehow disable whatever causes the issues from these two files.

The only way I can run Windows without crashing in a matter of minutes is in Safe Mode, because it seems Safe Mode prevents BitDefender from running somehow. This also means that I cannot run BitDefender in Safe Mode thus I cannot update it.

Any recommendations?