Windows Backup gets flagged as Trojan malware

I try to run Windows Backup in Windows 10 (CONTROL PANEL>BACKUP & RESTORE). But, it will not finish. Instead, I keep getting the notification below saying I have a trojan present.

I have HitmanPro.Alert also running. No detection. I have run Norton Power Eraser. No detection.

False positive?


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    Hi Member,

    I am afraid that there was no detection from hitman pro since hitman pro (now a sophos owned product) uses cloud engine of bitdefender, kaspersky and sophos.

    Regardless of that, it is not necessary that all AV vendors may detect every file. Kindly check the file on virustotal where you can scan and check the file with 70 different AV vendors.

    If you still think the file is wrongly classified/ block, kindly fill this online forum ( .The forum will share the respective file directly with the malware research team and if the file is indeed falsely detected, the detection will be removed in maximum of 72 hours. If the detection stays even after 72 hours, you should assume that the malware researchers consider the file as malicious.



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